Ductless Heating System Not Working? Let’s See Why

Ductless heating systems are less common than a furnace system, but they’re great for smaller homes or locations that don’t require much heating. Plus, they’re pretty versatile since you can use them as an AC unit when needed. But like any machine, ductless heating systems may experience issues that negatively impact their functionality. There are a few common issues that can occur, so let’s take a look at why your ductless heating system isn’t working.


No Air From the Wall Unit

The good news is that each unit in the heating system is more or less independent, so if one unit has a malfunction, it generally doesn’t affect other units. When a unit isn’t blowing out air properly, the most common cause is a bad motor, especially if neither cold nor hot air is blown from the unit. Replacing it will require help from professionals.


It’s Leaving Water Stains

Water stains are the first sign of water damage, so you need to take care of the problem right away if you see them. If left unfixed, the water could leak into the wall so much that it weakens it, causing damage to the unit and your home.

If you have water stains around the unit, it’s probably due to a leaking condensate line. But, again, this repair is best left to professionals.


There’s No Heating

Ductless heating systems double as air conditioning units. If you find that the only air coming out is cool, even when the setting is for heating, there’s likely a problem with the reversing valve. This internal valve causes the machine to switch between heating and cooling. A broken valve means that switch doesn’t happen – even if the settings on your unit indicate that they have.


The System is Losing Heating

It’s one thing if just one unit loses heating power, but when all of them do, there’s something big going on. One cause could be a refrigerant leak, which should be repaired by a professional as quickly as possible. Leaving the leak could damage the compressor. Additionally, the system could be losing power from a problem with the outdoor compressor. If the problem is caught soon enough, experts will be able to repair it for you before it burns out entirely. If the problem has been going on for a while, though, it might need to be replaced.


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