Our Team

Craig Bishop

Craig has been working in the HVAC & Plumbing field since 1996. With 21 years of experience Craig has mastered his trade, working from a young man enrolled in Mass Maritime Academy in the Marine and Diesel Engineering field to the owner of a successful HVAC and Plumbing Company whose focus is customer satisfaction. Craig has exceptional knowledge of providing technical assistance with the design and implementation of HVAC systems and a deep understanding of fabricating equipment parts to meet specialty needs or replace parts that may not be readily available. All with an absolute understanding of local building codes.

Craig’s further commitment toward the customer’s satisfaction and the community is his volunteer involvement with the local council on aging, to raise funds for the elderly and his involvement in starting a networking group whose focus is customer satisfaction.

As the owner of High Efficiency, Craig is committed to creating a business environment that serves its employees and in turn they serve our customers to provide value through quality services and products with the focus on “lowering utility costs and increasing the comfort of our customers”. Craig believes in this business approach for two reasons, the importance of doing work correctly and because we are servicing the community we live in; these are our neighbors.

Julie Lawson

Julie is a dedicated and technically skilled Business Professional with a versatile administrative skill set developed through experience as a Business Manager, Public Relations Administrator, Payroll Administrator, and Administrative Assistant. She excels at overseeing and supervising the company’s goals, activities and employees.

Julie used her professional experience to volunteer in her community to start a non-profit organization to raise money for research. She used her Public Relation Coordinator experience to bring awareness to the community about the organization’s favorable reputation and public image. Julie also headed up a non-profit parenting group, providing programs, support services, and resources designed to support them, and increase their capacity and confidence in raising and parenting healthy children.

As part owner of High Efficiency, Julie is part of a hard working team of individuals dedicated to provide the best HVAC & Plumbing services on the South Shore and Cape Cod.

Steven Wright

Steven Wright is a family man from Barnstable, in his spare time he loves to spend time with his family and working on home improvement projects. In 2012 he started his career in Weatherization as an apprentice for a small company on Cape Cod. Steven worked to obtain all necessary Building Science Certificates to become a Crew Chief.

In October 2016 Steven took a position with High Efficiency’s sister company Cape Cod Energy Solutions LLC as their Operations Manager. In September 2017 Steven attained his Building Performance Analyst Certificated Professional license, which he used in the direction of the daily activities of the Weatherization and Auditing teams, as well as their training and education. In the Fall of 2017 with Steven’s full knowledge of whole house systems and efficiency it was a natural transfer when he moved over to High Efficiency as part of our Sales Team. Since that time Steven has been focused on the assessment and service of home efficiency systems. Steven joined High Efficiency as a full time HVAC specialist January 2018 and with his years of experience as a Building Performance Analyst this makes him a perfect HVAC specialist.

Anthony Dineen

In 2002, after graduating from Barnstable High School and attending Cape Cod Community College for a
year, Anthony entered the plumbing and HVAC industry as an apprentice and worked his way up to a
lead installer for a local company within five years. Because of his passion for the HVAC and plumbing
field, in 2007 he decided to take a position with FW Webb to learn the wholesale side of the HVAC and
Plumbing industry. After twelve years with FW Webb, Anthony left his position as a store manager for
FW Webb in Falmouth, Ma. realizing his place was back managing and working with people and the new
technology products for a local HVAC company. Working on both sides of our industry taught him to
combine his knowledge in becoming a successful salesman for the High Efficiency team.
Anthony has an incredible passion mixed with clear vision when working with his customers which has
served him and his customers well.
Anthony was recently engaged and is the father four children. His youngest are twin boys. When he
does have free time he enjoys his motorcycle, hiking and skiing in the mountains of New Hampshire with
his Fiancée, Magdalena.