How to Save on Air Conditioning Costs

Invest in LED bulbs

Light bulbs in the home are often ignored when homeowners intend to save air conditioning costs. However, these little lightning electrical can help reduce your air conditioning costs by a considerable percentage. According to the United States Energy Information and Administration, light energy in the average American home accounts for ten percent of the total amount of energy consumed yearly.

Traditional incandescent bulbs are cheaper to purchase, but they consume a lot of electricity as they emit more heat and produce less light. Technological advancement has led to the creation of LED bulbs that emit more light and less heat and, at the same time, consume lesser electricity.

Homeowners are thus advised to replace incandescent light bulbs with LED lights from a brighter illuminance and a cooler room.

Install AC at the proper locations

Installing AC units in the home requires several factors asides from purchasing the AC units and hiring an HVAC technician. One of the many factors is the size of the room which will inadvertently determine the type or model of AC to be installed.

Concerning placement, it is important to pick exclusive spots in the home that will help dissipate the cold effectively. It’s best to install AC in shaded or dark locations as these appliances are not immune to heat and sunlight. Ensure there is at least a 15cm gap between the AC unit and the wall and a 7 to 9 feet difference between the floor and the AC unit.

Proper AC installation will help homeowners reduce their air conditioning costs as cool air is dissipated evenly, and there is a lesser need to install more AC units.

Plant trees

Did you know that planting three to six trees at your home’s eastern, western, and southern units can help reduce your air conditioning bill by forty-five percent? Asides from the ornamental benefits of trees to the home, they provide shade that prevents the sun from beating down your home.

Trees as high as 15 feet can provide enough shade to help families through summer, reducing the need to turn in their AC units. Ensure the trees are planted 13 to 15 feet away from your home for maximum coverage when planting. Also, tree types like Desert Willow, Native Mesquite, and Blue Verde provide the highest form of shade.

Ventilate using wider and longer windows

For homeowners whose houses are located in areas with more summer months, ventilation can be the key to reducing AC costs. Bigger windows mean more breeze and better ventilation. Constructing windows in strategic areas can channel breeze, cooling the entire home.

Adhere to regular AC maintenance

As opposed to waiting till later years to reduce costs, regular AC maintenance has been proven to be one of the best methods to reduce air conditioning costs. Ensure your air conditioning units are serviced and maintained at least every 6 months to help prevent irreparable damage.

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