Importance Of Water Filtration Systems For Your Home

Water filtration systems are a crucial addition to your home because of the protection they provide against harmful bacteria and minerals, among other benefits. Filtering your home’s water is an important part of improving your quality of life. 

Are you a homeowner in Plymouth County or near Cape Cod and want to know more about water filtration systems? Are you unsure why these systems are necessary and what advantages they could offer?

Let us at High Efficiency, LLC share our knowledge about water filtration systems with you in this convenient guide to the importance of these systems for your home. Keep reading to learn all about the different benefits and kinds of water filtration systems. 

Important Benefits Of Water Filtration Systems For Your Home

A reliable source of safe drinking water, financial savings, and more are the benefits you can expect from installing a water filtration system in your home. Not everyone’s municipal water system has clean water, and even if it is clean enough, it might still have an odd taste or harsh minerals. 

By installing a water filtration system in your home, you will be ensuring clean, filtered water for all of your family’s needs. Your water will not only taste better but also work better at cleaning your laundry and your dishes. 

Let’s look into the different benefits in more detail. 

Reliable Safety Of Drinking Water

With a water filtration system, you will be able to have reliably clean water to drink. Even if your city’s water has been filtered already, certain types of home filters can protect you against municipal water filtration system failures. 

These failures could mean contaminants make their way into the water, possibly making you and your loved ones very sick. 

Having access to clean water is a critical part of our health. If you have young children, elderly family members, or other immune-compromised individuals in your home having an advanced water filtration system can be an added measure to protect those who are most vulnerable. 

Less Expensive And More Environmentally Friendly Than Bottled Water 

Water filtration systems offer a cheaper and more eco-friendly approach to clean water than bottled water. Some people choose to buy bottled water for their clean drinking water due to convenience, but the financial and environmental cost of this choice adds up rapidly. 

Plastic from water bottles is one of the leading causes of plastic waste, and even if you take care to place them in recycling in your own home, you have no guarantee of the plastic being discarded correctly. Using a water filter is the best defense against plastic waste. 

Improves Taste Of Water

Another important benefit of filtering your water means your drinking water’s taste will be pure and refreshing. While your city’s water may be clean and filtered, they have no control over the taste. As a result, the city’s drinking water may taste unpleasant.  

Filtered water is generally known to taste better than city water, and since water should be your number one source of hydration, investing in great-tasting water will encourage you to drink more of it. 

Improves Feel Of Water For Skin And Hair

Water filtration systems can filter out excess minerals that result in hard water, which means your skin and hair will feel much more clean and less dry. Mineral deposits that are left by hard water can leave soap scum on your skin and hair, leaving it frizzy and even possibly exacerbating eczema. 

Different Kinds Of Water Filtration Systems For Your Home

Reverse osmosis, ion exchange, and activated carbon filters are three different kinds of the most commonly used water filtration systems in homes. These systems each have different ways of providing your home with clean water for drinking and other uses. 

  • Reverse osmosis: these units work by moving water through a semipermeable membrane using force by pressure. Any particles and chemicals in the water will not be able to pass through, leaving behind clean and pure water. 
  • Water ionizers: these units utilize electricity to filter the water. They separate water molecules into alkaline and acidic and then remove the acidic molecules. The resulting alkaline water will have a better taste and be better for your hair and skin as well. 
  • Activated carbon: these systems are also known as point-of-use systems and are typically attached to an individual faucet or water fixture. As the water flows through the unit, the filters will remove chemicals and heavy metals that could be present in the water.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a water filtration system so important?

Filtration systems act as a defense against many different kinds of bacteria and contaminants in your water. This is important for yourself and especially for those with a weakened immune system. Clean water is an imperative part of your health, and drinking contaminated water can make you very sick. 

Do water filtration systems increase the value of your home? 

Water filtration systems that have been installed throughout your house will increase the property value of your home, which is important in case you ever decide to sell your house. Installing these systems is a lesser expensive home addition to increase your value. 


Understanding the importance of water filtrations systems’ ability to filter out harmful bacteria in your home is key if you’re looking for a way to upgrade your quality of life. Learning the different kinds of systems will also help guide you in choosing which would work best for you. 

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