Signs Your House Has a Plumbing Issue

The Environmental Protection Agency (better known as the EPA) estimates that 1 trillion gallons
of water are wasted every year due to pipe leakage in the house. A pipe leak can very stressful
and can add more money to your utility bill if the problem is not solved right away. If you are
unsure if you have plumbing issues, here are some signs you can look out for.

Skyrocketing Water Bills

It’s normal to see your water bill increase during the summer due to filling up the pool or using
the sprinkler to maintain your landscape. However, if you noticed a significant difference with
your bills, chances are you may have a pipe leak somewhere in the house. You can run a
month to month comparison with your water company to help you identify the problem.

Bubbling Ceiling or Wall Paint

If you see wet spots or bubbling areas that shouldn’t be there, moisture from the roofing or
plumbing system can be caused. This can be more stressful than you need, and we recommend
calling your local plumber to investigate right away before the issue gets worse.

Slow Drain

Seeing water backing up after washing your dishes or cleaning your face is a sign of a plumbing
problem. This can be caused due to a clog in the drain, or it could be farther down the pipe and
may require snaking to resolve the issue. Cleaning out a clog can be solved by the homeowner
with simple DIY methods. However, if the problem continues to arise, a professional is required
to get to the root of the trouble.

Frozen Pipes

The winter in Massachusetts can be harsh to your pipes if they are not running appropriately,
especially if you have a room with unheated space. The pipe will freeze, thaw, most likely to
burst through the pipes leaving water spilling everywhere on the ground. If you notice some
clunking noise when you switch on the heater system, call a plumber to identify the issue right

Musty Smells

Have you walked by a room and smelt something unusual that you just can’t grasp where it is
coming from? It’s most likely coming from inside the walls, vents, or under the floor where mold
or mildew is growing, causing that terrible odor.
Water leaks can appear anywhere in the house. If left unattended, it can cause greater damage
to your bills and your home. Fortunately, High Efficiency LLC is here to assist you with our
plumbing services in Cape Cod and its surrounding Massachusetts towns. If you suspect an
issue with your pipes, allow us to help and call 508-825-3695