When is it time to replace your HVAC system?

As a homeowner, you’re often challenged in making difficult decisions regarding home maintenance or adding value to the house. Most commonly, homeowners invest in remodeling a basement, kitchen, or upgrading the home exterior, but neglecting your HVAC system would be a mistake, especially if you have had it for over 10-15 years. An old and damaged HVAC system will not only produce poor indoor air quality, but your energy bills could skyrocket. Unsure if it’s time to replace yours? 

Here are top signs that it’s time to replace your HVAC system.

  1. You’ve had it for over 10-15 years. According to Energy Star, on average, a heat pump or air conditioner that has been installed for over 10 years, needs to be replaced. The components in the HVAC system are usually durable but will wear off and start to deteriorate after 10 years, which leads to inefficiency. 
  2. Your energy bills keep rising. Although the energy bills vary due to seasonal changes seeing your energy bills rising is a sign of replacement or have a professional to inspect your HVAC system. 
  3. You’re not getting the hot or cold air in your rooms. This may be obvious, but an aging HVAC system will most likely not perform and keep up with the consistent temperature. This could be caused by multiple reasons; low fluid levels cracked ducts or even worse, damaged motors. 
  4. Loud noises are coming from the unit. Your HVAC system should be operating quietly, but if you are experiencing a lot of noise like banging or clunking sounds, there could be loose parts or components that need replacing. 
  5. Unusual smell. If you notice an unpleasant smell coming from your HVAC system, this could be dust burning off or molds coming from the ducts. We recommend switching off the device and have it inspected right away to avoid further damages. 
  6. Constantly repairing parts or components. We understand that repairing seems like the most comfortable option to keep your HVAC system from being damaged, but repair or replacement cost can quickly add up to almost half of a new system where a new HVAC would be the best choice to save you more money in the long run. 

Call High Efficiency to inspect your HVAC System

As we have listed above, if you’re experiencing issues with your unit, it’s time to call in an experienced technician to inspect and evaluate how we can replace the perfect HVAC system that fits your home and budget. 

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