How Heavy Rain Can Increase Pressure on Pipes

Heavy rain can increase pressure on pipes, damaging your plumbing system. Furthermore, the pressure in the pipes can also cause backup and shifting of the underground pipes. If you notice a pressure change in your plumbing system, you need to consult a professional technician for a solution. If you want to learn more about increased pressure in your plumbing system, you should continue reading:

How Can Heavy Rain Increase Pressure on Pipes

Water is one of the most destructive substances in the entire world. Even if your plumbing system is durable, you cannot completely protect it against the weather. Critical weather situations such as heavy rain can negatively choke your plumbing system.

When you have an underground plumbing system, rainwater can soak up the soil making it heavier and muddy. The weight of the mud will put pressure on the pipes damaging the system. There are numerous ways in which heavy rain can damage your pipes. Read below to find out more reasons for the pressure build-up in your plumbing system:

1.     Shift Underground Pipes

High rainfall can make the soil softer around the underground pipes, dislodging it from its original position. When this happens, the buried pipes will crack open, causing leakage and a change in pressure. If you do not fix these cracked pipes, it can cause severe plumbing issues. Therefore, you need to react immediately and turn off the main water source. After shutting down the water supply contact a professional plumbing service and they will take it from there.

2.     Cause Backups in Pipes

Other than leaking pipes, soil and rocks can also enter the pipeline through cracks. When the debris enters the plumbing system you will notice blockage. Backups due to debris can cause water seeping and flooding in your basement and underground storage. You should also check if the tree roots are intercepting the pipes and cracking them open. When the roots enter the pipes, you will experience a backup.

If you notice that water pressure in your faucet is lower, you need to immediately seek professional help. Pressure on pipes is a clear sign of clogging. People usually experience these issues after heavy rainfall.


If you want to know more about how you can protect your pipelines from heavy rain, you can contact our service center. High-Efficiency LLC representative will connect you with a professional technician. The technician will visit your home and inspect the pipeline system and the root of the problem. You can give us a call for any critical issues in the system. The technicians we have in our facility are highly qualified.