Signs of a Quality Professional Plumber 

Hiring a plumber is something you probably won’t think about until you need them, but scrambling at the last minute to find a plumber can lead to some not-so-great results. Instead, you should seek out a high-quality plumber that has great professionalism and begin building a relationship with them. Getting an inspection of your existing plumbing or water heater is a great way to get the ball rolling! Find a plumber that you feel confident in hiring so if there’s a plumbing emergency. You won’t be worried about who’s going to fix it. 


Proper Training, Licensure, and Insurance 

Only hire a plumber who is fully licensed and insured to work in your home. That licensure should be accompanied by plenty of on-the-job training. Don’t be afraid to ask potential plumber candidates about their training and credentials! 


Great References 

An established reliable plumber should have plenty of references for you to review. You can ask the plumber for past customer references or do a quick Google search to get truly honest results! Don’t hire someone who has no references or only has negative references, no matter how good their prices seem. 


Clear Communication 

Find a plumber that has clear communication with their clients. This communication should start from when you make your initial inquiry and last until the job is complete. Your plumber will need to communicate about scheduling, costs, and the specifics of the job. Hiring a plumber who never seems to answer their phone will only lead to frustration once the job has begun! 


They Come Prepared 

A great plumber comes to every job site prepared. They should bring any tools they might need and the most common parts. Some parts are less common and might need to be ordered once the plumber does an in-home assessment. Ordering a part to finish the job is a lot different than a plumber that shows up without the tools needed to get the job started! 


Respecting the Customers Space 

A plumber that values professionalism will respect the customer’s home and space. A plumber that doesn’t really care about your home is more likely to leave a mess behind and even cause damage to your floors or counters with heavy tools or materials. Ask your potential plumber what steps they take to protect your home from damages and how the work area will look once they’ve completed the job. 


Contact High Efficiency LLC today to speak with a professional plumber in your area! Our team is licensed, insured, and has the hands-on training it takes to become a dependable plumber that customers can trust. We value each customer and home that we enter, which is why our positive references speak for themselves!