Why Are Your Heat Pumps Failing?

The cold and hot seasons are periods when no one wants to experience heat pump failure. It can be frustrating knowing that your heat pump is not performing up to expectations. While it is normal for this to occur occasionally, the necessary thing is to identify what caused it to fail. That will help you determine if you can fix it yourself or seek the expertise of maintenance professionals.

Below are the probable faults and how you can fit them:

Failure to Power Up

There are four significant reasons why your heat pump is not working: thermostat issues, loss of power, broken starter capacitor, and damaged reversing valve. Scrutinizing these components helps to know where the turning on issue arose from. Miscalibration can affect the thermostat’s proper functioning. It could even be a tripped breaker that is causing the problem. The outcome of your inspection guides you to the next line of action.

No Heating, No Cooling Challenges

Suppose you can confirm that there is no miscalibration issue. In that case, the vent cover might be let loose without proper settings. Dirty coil and fans are other causes of heating and cooling problems. The ideal solution is to clean the coil and clear the air duct. If you find damaged auxiliary heating components, replace them if they are not reusable.

Blowing Cold in Heat Mode

The first step is to check the switch to confirm that the unit is on heating mode. Also, inspect your outdoor unit to ascertain no ice formation. Valves problems or a compressor issue can make your heat pump malfunction. If the service maintenance is not done correctly, it may blow cold in heat mode.

Weird noises

Rattling and squeaky noises are the two familiar sounds made by HVAC systems. They both have different implications. Rattling indicates that your heat pump has some parts loosening, while squeaky means that the pump has developed some faults. In this case, you might need the service of a maintenance expert to proffer a solution to the problems. You can handle the ratting issue by yourself by tightening the loose parts.

Incorrect Cycles

At odd times, the heat pump turning off and on is an issue caused by a malfunctioning thermostat. You need to check if the thermostat is correctly adjusted. If not, recalibrate it to maintain the right balance. However, if the thermostat doesn’t respond, get a new one to replace it. A clogged filter is another possible cause of frequent on and off of the heat pump. You will have the problem solved by cleaning or replacing the air filter.

Have Issues With Your Heat Pumps?

Problems arise with the heat pump when it has served you for more than 15 years. The component might have grown weaker over time. Maintenance will reoccur regularly. Getting a new one might be the best option for you. If you need assistance with your heat pump, High-Efficiency LLC can offer maintenance and troubleshooting services.